Prolog(ue): A Convention

Once upon a time, in the late days of the last century, there was a Very Big Worldcon Thing in Britain, and some fans there thought it would be nice to hold a smaller convention just before it, to make a space to gather up their visiting friends from far and foreign places and also local fans who could perhaps not attend a Very Big Worldcon Thing, so that they could all find each other to hang out  and drink tasty drinks and play silly games  and build upon the legends of their tribe together.  And so they did that thing, and they called it Precursor, and it was good.

This year, the Very Big Worldcon Thing is coming to Washington State, and once again there will be friends coming in from far and foreign places, and local fans who would like to see them and fear that, what with one thing and another and the very bigness of Worldcon things, they might not manage to meet at the Worldcon.  And so in the spirit of the fannish gift economy, we’re stealing whole cloth this clever idea of a small, pre-Worldcon convention where fans from near and far may find each other and hang out, and we’re calling it Prolog.  Or Prologue.  Whatever.  We hope you’ll come and build upon the legends of the tribe with us.


We’re currently experiencing gremlins in the PayPal architecture, and consequently our PayPal cart and buttons are not working. While we work on this problem, we would love to be able to take your money, so please purchase memberships either by paper check and the .pdf form available on the Membership page, or by direct PayPal payment to . Thanks for your patience. And your money.


We must release unbooked rooms in our block on July 31. If you plan to stay while at Prolog(ue), or if you’re seriously thinking about it, please book your rooms now. See the Hotel page for details.


Friday, August 14 – Sunday, August 16, 2015

Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center: Seattle-Renton
1 S Grady Way
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 226-7700

Room Rate: US $139 / Night (1 King / 2 Queen) – Buffet Breakfast & Parking Included


Pre-Reg Membership –  Thru August 1, 2015:
$40 (US)
$50 (Canada/Australia)
£27 (UK)
€38 (Europe)

Supporting Membership:
$15 (US)
$19 (Canada/Australia)
£10 (UK)
€14 (Europe)