Play That Fanthing One More Time

There are long term plans afoot for this fan thing.  In addition to Prolog(ue), a micromini-not-quite-relaxacon the weekend before Sasquan,  plans are also in the works for a blog, a fanzine based on the blog, reviews of books, reviews of movies, reviews of fanac, a calendar of NW fannish and SFF events, postcards, neckties,  samplers, stained-glass windows…. Well, you get the idea.  There may be a bias toward featuring the work of women, that might happen.  But for now, the convention’s the zing, wherein we fan the thingywhatsits of the thing.

And “fanthing,” what’s that about anyway?  The editorial posture of this publication is that a blog is not a fanzine, any more than a tweet is a blog, or an aardvark is an armadillo.  Similarities do not make things the same.  So, while there will be blogging, and there will be a fanzine, and some of the content will surely overlap, the two will not be identical.  And so we lump them together under the rubric of fanthing.  It’s all one fanthing.